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General Questions
What is the YL Success Summit all about?

The YL Success Summit is an online, FREE educational and YL business building event during the 2 weeks every year when we host it LIVE - in 2017 that is Oct 1st-14th. We also offer the opportunity for people to invest in our new membership options to access all past & current content for as little as 54 cents a day.  New in 2017 is the YL Success Summit App!  SO COOL!

For the 2017 YL Success Summit there are over 70 presentations from over 65 presenters, including Bob Proctor, Dr John Demartini, Jill Young and many well-known Diamond to Royal Crown Diamond leaders along with some super savvy Silver leaders.  This year the line-up is exciting!

With the VIP All Access Membership you will gain 12-months access to all presentations (from 2015 through 2017) anywhere and anytime you want it - using the newly launched YL Success Summit App! :)  This app is similar to Audible in that you can listen and watch all of the great presentations without killing your cell phone bill from high data rates.  In 2017 we are offering this annual membership as a one-time-fee annual membership or as an annual membership with 12 equal monthly payments.

You can find all the details by watching this 2 Minute Explainer.

Is this event really for free?  If so, how will I benefit by attending for free if I don’t have the money or choose not to invest right now?

In short, the event is totally FREE during the October 1st - 14th, 2017 launch.

Think of this like an online convention - where over 70 presentations are going to be organized online for you to view.  Each day we issue a new set of 5+ presentations that are available for viewing for a 24-hour viewing window which runs from 12:01am EST until 11:59pm EST.  The next day another selection will become available and only accessible during the viewing window.  Be sure to check your email inbox everyday for login details and login to the Summit to enjoy the daily presentations before their access disappears.

What we’re offering right now, is for the action takers, the people who have a few dollars to invest in their education and future of their business by owning the Summit content FOR LIFE via the Flash Drive or by the VIP Membership which gives online access to ALL presentations from 2015, 2016 AND 2017 through our membership site and from the App for 12-months starting November 1st, 2017, in addition to having access of course during the free 2-week period.

If you’re not in a position now to invest, then that’s totally fine - the $197 VIP Membership is reduced to a special price of $147 for the month of October 2017.

We are taking pre-orders for the 2017 Flash Drives ONLY until October 15th, 2017.  After October 15th, 2017 the Flash Drives will no longer be offered.

Hope this all makes sense.

What’s included on the Flash Drive?

The 2017 Flash Drive will have all of the 2017 YL Success Summit video presentations, audio recordings of those presentations and finally all of the presentations in written Transcript format.  The 2017 Flash Drive is ONLY AVAILABLE BY PRE-ORDER until October 15th, 2017.  

After that time, the 2017 Flash Drive will not be offered.
What’s the difference between the Online Viewing & Flash Drive in regards to content?

The content is exactly the same, it's just the format for viewing is different.

Access the 2017 YL Success Summit through our new App or through our membership site.  Download presentations to your mobile device through the app to watch later without using up your data!  Share presentations by email or text with friends, team members and virtually anyone using the App.  Online viewing through our membership site DOES require internet access.

When you purchase the 2017 All Access Membership, you will have access to all current and past YL Success Summit presentations - presentations from 2015, 2016 AND 2017!  That is over 220 presentations to watch, share and grow from.

The 2017 YL Success Summit Flash Drive contains all 70+ of the 2017 YL Success Summit presentations on a handy little flash drive, which easily plugs into a USB port on your computer.  This credit card size flash drive is portable and NO internet connection is required to view all of this great information.
How long do I have access to the Online Viewing Access/Membership & when does it start?

The Online Access will last for 12-months from date of purchase.  You get to access all the presentations through the App and online when, where and as often as you want.  An internet connection is required.
Can I share the information from the YL Success Summit with members of my
organization in meetings?

Yes, you can share presentations through the App or from the Flash Drive with your team in small group trainings, just that nothing can be viewed online or copied and giving others your login access to go online to view it is strictly prohibited.

Everyone is encouraged to make the investment themselves, since we offer easy payments and it's very affordable.   The presenters have worked very hard to put the Summit together, so honouring and respecting their content is always something to be kept at the forefront of your mind.  Hope that makes sense!
Is the content copyrighted or can I give a copy to someone in my organization?

Yes, you can share presentations through the App or from the Flash Drive with your team in small group trainings, just that nothing can be viewed online or copied and giving others your login access to go online to view it is strictly prohibited.  

Everyone is encouraged to make the investment themselves, since we offer easy payments and it's very affordable.   The presenters have worked very hard to put it together, so honouring and respecting their content is always something to be kept at the forefront of your mind.
I'm having trouble logging in!  Grrr!  I logged in yesterday, not today.  HELP!

Depending on the settings of your device, you may have to; clear your cookies and cache, delete browser history, try a different browser, restart your computer, login using a different device, change your password and/or type in the login page, don't copy and paste.  http://ylsuccesssummit.com/login

That should get you in!
How do I change my Summit password?

Login to your account with the username and password that you received from us by email.  Select the Summit you have access to from the Dashboard.  Now on your home page, you will see a menu list on the top right-hand side of the page.  Click on "My Account" and on the left side of your account page will be the spots where you submit your new password.
Questions about making a purchase?
Where do I go to see the pricing of the Summit and purchase it?

The value of the Summit far exceeds the price you will pay.  Having access to this wealth of information will educate the personal Essential Oil user how to maximize the use of their oils in everyday life.  For those driven to build a business with Essential Oils, this Summit will empower you with knowledge, confidence and motivation to share Essential Oils and grow your business.

You can find pricing details at the following link;  http://2017.ylsuccesssummit.com/buynow
If I get the online version of the YL Success Summit can I download the video,
audio and transcripts onto my computer?

When you purchase the VIP Membership, the new App makes sharing the presentations is easy and sleek!  For 2017 we have removed all downloading privileges.
When does the 30-day Money Back Guarantee start?

The Money Back Guarantee will start on the date of purchase.  After this 30 day period is over, no refunds will be issued.
Are the prices in Canadian or US dollars?

All pricing is in United States Dollars.
What name will show up on my credit card statement when I purchase the YL Success Summit?

Our business name is;  Full Circle Holistic Health.  The processor is WePay, so on your purchase statement you will see our name show up something like; WPY* FCHH
How long do you have access to the $47 All Access Digital Pass.   Is this something I can go back to whenever I want?   I am confused by the difference between the $47 option and the $197 option.

The BIG difference is that the $47 All Access Digital Pass is for the 2-weeks only when the YL Success Summit is live - so from Oct 1st-14th, 2017.  This $47 AADP gives you the ability go back on Day 9, as an example, and watch all of the presentations from Days 1 through 9 as much as you want - where as with the free version you can’t.  As with all access options, you can't skip ahead to future days and get access to future days.  (So if we are currently presenting Day 9, for example, you won't have access to Days 10 through 14)

The $197 Annual VIP Membership gives you the APP as well as 12-months of online viewing access! ;)

I would suggest that you start with $47 All Access Pass first to get your feet wet and then if you want the full package, we will have an awesome promotion that will apply your $47 payment towards the $197 - so you only pay the difference of $150 to have full, ongoing access to the Summit for one year!  :-)


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