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This has been a LONG time coming and you'll be hearing more about this as we gear up for our 3rd Annual Success Summit October 1st-14th, 2017.

I've been surveying and asking the presenters, other prominent and respected leaders how we could serve better. The responses were consistently the same. We need to find a way to share these presentations to grow & support our teams better, while keeping the costs way down.

The easiest way for me to explain what is coming, is to think of Netflix, Audible & OilyTools meets Young Living.

Netflix - Well known for providing tons of valuable content, easy to access - all for one small investment per month.

Audible - One of the top audiobook listening apps on the market, giving you the ability to share books you like best through email & text.

OilyTools - one of the BEST tools with 2 simple options. Monthly or Annual. Pricing beyond affordable that you'd be silly to not be using it.

It's literally going to be MIND BLOWINGLY awesome, a game changer and I believe will contribute to the Global growth of keeping us the Leading company in Essential Oils worldwide. This is all for #TeamYL.

The best part - we're taking on "BETA Testers" on now so that we can gain feedback as the App is being built and to perfect what will be offered in October when we go LIVE for our 3rd Annual event, Oct.1st-14th, 2017.

P.S You can thank Dr Jim Bob Haggerton for suggesting we keep the monthly cost below $15/month to ensure it's affordable for all. Keep in mind that a % of the revenue will be donated to the Young Living Foundation & goes to support the presenters for their hard work. Believe it or not, but there are events out there that don't offer any compensation to Presenters for bringing you training like this.  We're here to serve and I couldn't think of anyone else better to ask how we can keep serving you better.
Remember, we're in this together as one UNITED Team YL around the globe!

Barney & Adrienne Kuntze
Gold Leaders
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What's ALL included:
  • ON DEMAND "All Access" to over 147 Presentations in your members area that are available for you right now!  You can listen & watch, anywhere - anytime.
  • Access to **LIVE** Weekly Bonus Coaching Calls with presenters to learn more and ask them questions about their presentations.  (watch/listen to all our past calls here YouTube Channel Playlist)
  • ALL of the 2017 presentations as they become available after our FREE launch for everyone Oct.1-14th.
  • Exclusive use of the "Success Summit App" when it becomes available to make sharing easier and easier.
  • SHARING - access will be coming soon. That's why you're smart to sign up early for the BETA Program so you can give us your feedback to make it amazing to educate/nurture your team members & for prospecting/recruiting.
  • FaceBook Group - Not like you need ANOTHER group, this optional group is solely for support & interaction with us at the YL Success Summit, so we can get your feedback to make this the best it can be to serve you and everyone else who joins in the future better.
What's NOT included:
  •  The ONLY thing that isn't included with this unique offering is the ability to download any version of the presentations to your computer. You have unlimited viewing access to get & keep your learn on - at least for now until the "sharing" feature becomes available. You will be able to "download" presentations to a mobile device so you can listen offline without cranking your data bill through the roof (just like Audible & other Audiobook Apps work).
15.01 Adam Ringham - Essentially Fit
Play Time 0:49:19 

15.02 Alan Simpson - 432 hz the ratio's of matter 
Play Time 0:49:51

15.03 Amanda Howden & Linda Aubin - Breakthrough your Emotional Breakdowns 
Play Time 0:40:52

15.04 Andy & Cristy Jenkins - Business as an Overflow 
Play Time 1:05:19 

15.05 Andy & Cristy Jenkins - Getting Paid!
Play Time 1:01:02

15.06 Andy & Cristy Jenkins - The Husband's Field Guide
Play Time 0:44:17

15.07 Angela Brooks - Building Completely Online
Play Time 0:28:51

15.08 Barney Kuntze - Technology- Our Modern Day Language
Play Time 0:37:57

15.09 Barney Kuntze - Passion, Purpose & IMPACT
Play Time 0:40:31

15.10 Ben & Carol Howden - Young Living Power Couple
Play Time 0:36:16

15.11 Tom "Big Al" Schreiter - Say Better Words
Play Time 0:44:09

15.12 Bobbi Schaben - Wiggles Away
Play Time 0:51:36

15.13 Brian Carruthers - Money Mindset
Play Time 0:40:04

15.14 Casey Conrad - Exponential Growth
Play Time 0:50:30

15.15 Chanelle Morin - Project Transformation
Play Time 0:33:08

15.16 Cherie Ross - The Magic of the First 90 Days
Play Time 0:38:33

15.17 Cherie Ross - Using Young Living Essential Oils To Elevate Your Life From Ordinary To Extraordinary
Play Time 0:54:51

15.18 Dallas Harting - Online Marketing
Play Time 1:01:44

15.19 Dr Lindsey - Essential Oils A Pharmacist's Perspective
Play Time 0:35:33

15.20 Dr Olivier Wenker - How Dangerous Are Electromagnetic Fields (German)

15.21 Dr Olivier Wenker - How Dangerous Are Electromagnetic Fields
Play Time 1:09:19

15.22 Dr Olivier Wenker - Living Above the Line (German)

15.23 Dr Olivier Wenker - Living Above The Line
Play Time 0:41:12

15.24 Dr Olivier Wenker - What's All The Buzz About (German)

15.25 Dr Olivier Wenker - What's All The Buzz About
Play Time 0:33:39

15.26 Ed Dailey - Developing Your Young Living Health & Wellness Toolbelt
Play Time 0:41:00

15.27 Jeffery Lewis - Readers Are Leaders
Play Time 0:53:16

15.28 Jen Springer - 5 Things Your Sponsor Won't Tell You
Play Time 0:26:53

15.29 Jeremy Tracey - 5 Keys YL Summit 1:08:55

15.30 Jessica Dietrich - Balancing Female Hormones At Every Stage in Life
Play Time 1:09:37

15.31 Jihan Thomas - How Average People Create Extraordinary Wealth
Play Time 0:36:03

15.32 Jodie Meschuk - The Empowered Family
Play Time 0:40:11

15.33 Jordan E Schrandt - The Young Living Lifestyle
Play Time 0:22:39

15.34 Julie Behling-Hovdal - Business Basics
Play Time 0:39:05

15.35 Julie Chertow – AromaDome
Play Time 1:24:30

15.36 Justin Patrick Pierce - Vibrational Fitness
Play Time 0:50:43

15.37 Karen Malone - Change Your Life With Young Living
Play Time 0:19:06

15.38 Kristin LiaBraaten - Birthing with Peace & Power
Play Time 1:07:25

15.39 Linda Smith - How To Get Essential Oils Into Healthcare Settings
Play Time 0:48:36

15.40 Lindsay Irwin - The Ideal Day
Play Time 0:24:47

15.41 Liz Reyes - Dogs & Oils - A Dog Trainers Toolbox
Play Time 0:40:23

15.42 Londin Angel Winters - Loving Your Weight Off
Play Time 0:55:49

15.43 Lori Gordon - Outside the Box!
Play Time 0:21:33

15.44 Marcella Vonn Harting - Finding Your WHY
Play Time 0:41:15

15.45 Maura McDanel - What Makes Us Rise After We Fall
Play Time 0:21:09

15.46 Melissa Poepping - Rock Your Business with Care Calls
Play Time 0:37:20

15.47 Michael McDanel - Fireside Chat
Play Time 1:03:46

15.48 Monty Moran - Socializing While Network Marketing
Play Time 0:25:42

15.49 Natasha Bell - Healthy Tools For Your Thriving Tribe
Play Time 0:25:12

15.50 Nicole Stevenson - Building BIG with Bootcamps
Play Time 0:11:46

15.51 Pamela Hunter - Breathe into EO Enhance Your Inner Voice
Play Time 0:19:21

15.51.01 Pamela Hunter - 6 Master Steps

15.52 Paul Chek - CHEK 4 Young Living
Play Time 1:02:43

15.53 Peter Minke - Introduction to the Biology, Chemistry, Biosynthesis, and Safe Use of Essential Oils
Play Time 0:59:15

15.54 Reagan Jewitt – Manifesting
Play Time 0:24:30

15.55 Robert Tennyson Stevens - Conscious Language
Play Time 0:53:08

15.56 Sarah & Matt Dow - Imprint Your Mind With Positivity Using Affirmation Videos
Play Time 0:15:08

Shannon Hudson - Enjoying a Healthy Sex Life
Play Time 0:38:35

15.57 Shannon Hudson - Simple Steps to Speaking
Play Time 0:37:21

15.58 Shannon Hudson - Show Me The Money
Play Time 0:34:16

15.59 Sonya Swan - Yes I CAN!
Play Time 0:43:20

15.60 Stacey Hall - Master Attraction Formula
Play Time 0:59:50

15.61 Steve Sheridan - Part 1 Journey to Health & Wealth
Play Time 0:49:30

15.62 Steve Sheridan - Part 2 Journey to Health & Wealth
Play Time 0:57:39

15.63 Susan Johnson - Lucky Seven
Play Time 0:40:09

15.64 Susan Martz - Broad-Way to Broad-Spectrum
Play Time 0:24:51

15.65 Susan Martz - EmPowered Parent
Play Time 0:29:28

15.66 Tara Rayburn - Healthy Habits with Essential Oils
Play Time 0:41:21

15.67 Teri Ringham - Wellness Begins in the Gut
Play Time 0:46:03

15.68 Teri Ringham - Your Hormones; Who's the Boss?
Play Time 0:52:59

15.69 Teri Secrest - Awaken The Entrepreneur Within You
Play Time 0:58:55

15.70 Tom Woloshyn - The Master Cleanse
Play Time 0:58:10

15.71 Tracy Griffiths - Aroma Yoga
Play Time 0:55:00

15.72 Travis Ogden - Young Living - The Company
Play Time 0:36:33

15.73 Verick & Crystal Burchfield – Unified
Play Time 0:46:30

15.74 Gary Young - Finding Balance Part 1 - Croatia Farm
Play Time 0:36:51

15.75 Gary Young - Finding Balance Part 2 - Diet & Einkorn
Play Time 1:09:44

15.76 Mary Young - D. Gary Young The Modern-Day Father of Distillation
Play Time 0:19:57
16.01 Adam Ringham - Essentially Kids
Play Time 0:45:15

16.02 Adaryll Jordan - Overcoming Obstacles On The Way To Success
Play Time 0:43:35

16.03 Alan Simpson - Fat Stories
Play Time 0:47:48

16.04 Andy Jenkins - The Ladder Part 1
Play Time 0:55:40

16.05 Andy Jenkins - The Ladder Part 2
Play Time 0:46:18

16.06 Ariel Lange - The Power of Aroma Meditation
Play Time 0:36:55

16.07 Barney Kuntze - Exercise & Essential Oils
Play Time 0:52:30

16.08 Ben Howden - LIVING LIFE WITH YOUNG LIVING (Behind the scenes, the real Gary Young)
Play Time 0:48:50

16.09 Benjamin Perkus - The Aroma Freedom Technique
Play Time 0:56:27

16.10 Brian Carruthers - How to Become a Top Recruiter and Team Builder
Play Time 0:35:16

16.11 Carol Howden: Will the Real Me Please Speak Up
Play Time 0:10:58

16.12 Casey Conrad - Selling Made Easy
Play Time 0:25:32

16.13 Chanelle Morin - Tools for Your Business
Play Time 0:15:33

Chelsea Marie Young - How to Engage Millennials  Play Time 0:26:28 

16.15 Cherie Ross & Sherry LaMarche - Young Living Essential Oils For The Animal Kingdom
Play Time 01:35:14

Cole Wooley - Chemistry of Essential Oils
Play Time 01:01:51

16.17 Crystal Burchfield - Webinar for Freedom
Play Time 01:09:41

16.18 Cy Young - iTOVi; Growing Your Business At The Speed of Light
Play Time 0:29:26

16.19 Dr Dave Braun & Dr Troy Amdahl - Winning at Business and at Life in 2017
Play Time 0:27:03

16.20 Dr Patricia Lawler - To Keep an Open Heart
Play Time 0:57:52

16.21 Elizabeth Reyes - The Happy Dog - Behavior Modification with Essential Oils
Play Time 0:38:44

16.22 Gary Coxe - Part 1 Coaching Series for the Ultimate in Attaining More Desire, Motivation & Success
Play Time 0:46:29

16.23 Gary Coxe - Part 2 Coaching Series for the Ultimate in Attaining More Desire, Motivation & Success
Play Time 0:29:58

16.24 Gary Coxe - Part 3 Coaching Series for the Ultimate in Attaining More Desire, Motivation & Success
Play Time 0:40:48

16.25 Gary Coxe - Part 4 Coaching Series for the Ultimate in Attaining More Desire, Motivation & Success
Play Time 0:24:35

16.26 Jacob Adamo - Personality Colors for Success
Play Time 0:57:40

16.27 Jake Dempsey - Driven For Success: Road Map To The Comp Plan
Play Time 0:56:00

16.28 Jake Dempsey - OilyTools: Beyond The First Tab
Play Time 0:46:46

16.29 James Lawrence - Discover the Best Version of Yourself By Overcoming the Impossible
Play Time 0:54:02

16.30 Jeffrey Lewis - Fireside Chat with a Diamond Leader
Play Time 0:47:38

16.31 Jen Springer - 7 Components to a System that Fires Up Your Team
Play Time 0:55:38

16.32 Jeremy Aliff & Karl Mundt - Oily Agenda
Play Time 0:21:40

16.33 Jessica Dietrich-Marsh - Fix your Gut, Heal Your Brain
Play Time 0:28:57

16.34 Jihan Thomas: Success by Design
Play Time 0:34:28

16.35 Jim Bob Haggerton - Emotions, the Brain, and Essential Oils
Play Time 0:29:06

16.36 Jim Bob Haggerton - Essential Oil Research and Safety: are they really safe to use???
Play Time 0:52:02

16.37 Jim Bob Haggerton - Hormone Health 101 with Essential Oils
Play Time 0:32:40

16.38 Jim Bob Haggerton - Top 10 MUST HAVE Products from YL
Play Time 0:32:14

16.39 Jodie Meschuk - Stepping into Natural Wellness
Play Time 0:50:10

16.40 Julie Behling-Hovdal - How to Build Your Business With Cold Leads
Play Time 0:40:56

16.41 Julie Chertow - AromaDome® …Changing Lives One Breath at a Time
Play Time 0:43:59

16.42 Kristin LiaBraaten - 7 Decisions that Determine Leadership Success
Play Time 0:57:38

16.43 Linda Lee Smith - Peeping Beneath the Chemistry of Essential Oils
Play Time 0:40:56

16.44 Lindsay Irwin - Live a Life you Love: Success via Consistency & Organization
Play Time 0:19:21

16.45 Mark Davis - Master The Art of Public Speaking
Play Time 0:42:15

16.46 Mike Phillips - New Decision Therapy
Play Time 01:12:33

16.47 Mike Phillips - Windows to the Soul
Play Time 0:58:16

16.48 Monty Moran - Keep Your Batteries Charged Up with Diamond Factory Training
Play Time 0:30:00

16.49 Natasha Bell - Thrive Tribe Essentials
Play Time 0:37:34

16.50 Pamela Hunter - From Monkey Mind to Eagle Inspiration
Play Time 0:51:50

16.51 Peter Minke - Family Care with Young Living Essential Oils
Play Time 1:07:10

16.52 Peter Minke - Why Do I Care About Antioxidants?
Play Time 01:01:59

16.53 Reagan Jewitt - Experience a Dynamic Exercise Class blending Nia with Essential Oils
Play Time 0:58:33

16.54 Rob Rinato - The Young Living Advantage
Play Time 0:46:05

16.55 Sarah Dow - Growing your Business through Vendor Events
Play Time 0:20:56

16.56 Shannon Hudson - Sweet Sleep: Rise & Shine
Play Time 0:38:52

16.57 Shelby Kruse - Yoga + Oils: Bringing Mindfulness + Movement to Everyday Life
Play Time 0:42:41

16.58 Skyla Mann & Bobbi Schaben - Lessons Learned from an Aspen Grove (From the founders of Star Factory)
Play Time 01:14:49

16.59 Sonya Swan - He Really Flipped his Lid! - Is it a Real Thing?
Play Time 0:52:15

16.60 Stacey Hall - Money Grows On Trees; Ancient Oils To Attract Financial and Spiritual Prosperity
Play Time 0:22:24

16.61 Steve Sheridan - Part 3 Journey to Health & Wealth
Play Time 0:58:46

16.62 Susan Johnson - Utilizing the Wellness Model
Play Time 0:36:21

16.63 Susan Santoro Martz - AromaFlow Yoga; Easy steps to bring Essential Oils into Yoga Studios
Play Time 0:33:11

16.64 Tara Rayburn - Healthy Habits in the Kitchen: Infuse Your Meals with Essential Oils
Play Time 0:54:03

16.65 Teri Ringham - Harness Your Hectic Lifestyle with Essential Oils
Play Time 0:43:36

16.66 Tom (Big Al) Schreiter: How our prospects make up their mind
Play Time 0:28:48

16.67 Tom Challan - Simplifying Momentum while Sponsoring Business Builders
Play Time 01:02:18

16.68 Tom Woloshyn - Color Therapy
Play Time 0:49:35

16.69 Tom Woloshyn - Vita-Flex; A simple but amazingly effective technique that can be used with EO's
Play Time 0:48:32

16.70 Tracy Griffiths - No Broke Yogis: How Aroma Yoga Creates Wealth and Community
Play Time 0:48:53

16.71 Verick Burchfield - Make Marriage Great Again
Play Time 0:27:25
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